Up to now, SAP has been mainly used in hygienic products and other areas: soil water retaining agent in agriculture, cable and expanding rubber, etc.
PAM, as a flocculating agent, is mainly used in urban sewage treatment, paper making, food processing, petrochemical, metallurgical, miner dressing, dyeing, sugar making and all kinds of industrial wastewater treatment.

Super Absorbent Polymer is a water-swollen high molecular polymer containing strong hydrophilic polymer groups, such as carboxyl, hydroxyl and so on and has certain degree of cross linking. It does not dissolve in water or organic solvent. With unique water absorbency and water retention, SAP possessed all the advantages of high molecular materials. Therefore, it has wide range of uses and great prospect. Up to now, it has mainly been used in hygienic products (such as sanitary napkins and diapers, etc.) and other areas: soil water retaining agent in agriculture, cable and expanding rubber, etc.

The water is always used in the production and life, and it must discharge after reaching standard, or recycle back to the process, otherwise our environment and life will be polluted even ruined in the end. So, to choose a suitable product is very important for us. Shandong Zenuochem Technology Co., LTD is a professional manufacturer and supplier of sewage purification using high polymer flocculants while providing professional and practical technology, to maintain, protect the earth’s water resources and environment.

What is Zenuo?
Shandong Zenuochem Technology Co., Ltd is a professional supplier of super absorbent polymer (SAP) and polyacrylamide (PAM) who was founded in 2014, we specialize in providing each of our customers with the most superior quality products as well as considerate after-sale services.
Zenuo has brought world-class science and technology to the global market through innovative products, materials and services. With market-driven innovation, Zenuo has introduced lots of new products to satisfy the diversified market.

What makes Zenuo different?

Superior Quality & Competitive Price
The products of Zenuo are based on the strictest policies, requirements and specification. With integrated quality management program, Zenuo will guarantee most standardized operation.
Simultaneously, Zenuo offers a competitive price to assist customers in stepping into the market. We are always trying best to build a long-term relationship which will allow us to grow together.

Excellent Scientific Research Team
Zenuo has devoted a lot to the innovation, research and development of products with great concentration on quality. Zenuo has attracted lots of professional scientists and technicians to get together, and they are the most powerful drive of our continuous progress.

Professional and Efficient Service
Zenuo provides a series of technical and marketing services, together with after-sales support to our customers.